This week we have been looking at a new poem in Literacy called From a Carriage. It's a rhyming poem about a train journey. We have looked at its features and the figurative language used. We have also explored the rhyming pattern. We have written our own rhyming couplets to help us to understand how they work. We finished the week by planning our own poem about a journey involving water, linked to our topic, which we will write next week.

As part of our topic, we went for a river walk to view the different bridges and to make observations of the river. We used iPads to take videos and pictures to create an iMovie of a news report. This will also help develop our ICT skills as we are planning to design a new bridge for the River Medway in Maidstone town. This also links to DT. The children were very considerate of the public and really engaged in the learning. We can't wait to start planning our designs next week.

In Maths, we have continued to explore fractions. Year 5 have been finding equivalent fractions and simplifying whilst Year 6 have been continuing to apply all 4 calculations to problem solve.

In topic we looked at the River Thames and the Mississippi River. We researched them both then made comparisons, including using maths skills to make comparisons of length.

In science, we looked at unusual living things. We had to guess what they might be called, then match their name to their scientific description. We then had some images of other unusual living things and did some research on them, then we wrote our own scientific descriptions about them. The children were fascinated by some of them.

In PSHE we have been learning about the impact of technology on our physical and mental health and have had some really good discussions about this. Remember to limit time on devices and spend time in the fresh air and with family.

As we are looming towards the end of Term 2, remember that next week...

Thursday 8th December - Year 6 (except Forest School children) are swimming, School Christmas Disco.

Have a lovely weekend.