What a busy week!

This week in Literacy, we have completed our learning on The Highway Man. We read 2 stanzas from the second part and predicted what we thought might happen at the end of the poem. Then we planned and wrote 2 stanzas for the poem following the rhyming pattern of AABCCB. This proved quite tricky, but the children showed great resilience. Next week we will learn about a new poem called The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe.

In Maths, Year 5 have been learning to identify, name and write equivalent fractions for a given fraction, represented visually including tenths and hundredths. They have been exploring how to find equivalent fractions and problem solving involving this.

Year 6 have continued to learn about fractions by adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators and looking at strategies to support this, including the butterfly method. As the week progressed, we learnt how to multiply fractions and applied this in problem solving.

For our topic learning, we explored a river's journey and learnt the different parts of a river, including meander, mouth, source, we discovered what an Oxbow Lake was and how rivers are formed.

In science we continued classification and explored how we could classify sweets. We really enjoyed sorting the sweets and resisted eating them!! Then we had to think about the characteristics of the sweets: were they coated? were they jelly based? From that we then classified them. We then moved onto classifying animals: birds, butterflies or bees.

In PSHE we explored how to keep healthy by thinking about our diet, how we relax, questioning if we get enough sleep and our dental hygiene.

In RE we have been learning to express our own ideas about some big moral concepts, such as fairness or honesty comparing them with the ideas of others we have studied. We used drama to explore scenarios and thought about whether it was right or wrong and what the consequences should be when someone does something wrong. 


  • Friday 25th November Carolathon at Fremlin Walk - please come and support us singing to raise money for Demelza.
  • Alvin Shaw will be giving a talk about magistrates to our Year 6 on Thursday 24th November 2022.
  • PE is on Friday only.
  • Home learning is on Teams.
  • Have a lovely weekend.