This week in Literacy we have continued to read The Highway Man. We have explored part 1 in depth by using drama to act out the stanzas. We have summarised each stanza and finished the week using Art to help us to think about figurative language. We used oil pastels to develop our techniques whilst focussing on a stanza. We then wrote metaphors, similes, onomatopoeias, and alliterations to go with our pictures.

In Maths, Year 5 have been learning to multiply and divide whole numbers and those involving decimals by 10 and 100. They also solved problems involving division and multiplication.

Year 6 have started to add and subtract fractions with different denominators. We have looked at how to find the lowest common denominator to add and subtract fractions and then to solve problems. 

In our topic learning we have been finding out about rivers by looking at different rivers around the world, finding out facts such as, the longest river, the deepest river and where they are around the world. We used Google Earth to locate them.

In PSHE we looked at how to use social media safely, in particular WhatsApp as we have had a few children in Year 5 and 6 be extremely rude and unkind to others. Did you know children should be 16 to use WhatsApp? We also looked at relaxation techniques.

In science, we have been looking at classification keys and used websites to play games in preparation for us creating our own.

In RE, we have been exploring how rules help us to live a good life and that whilst some religions believe in a God to lead a good life, others don't such as Humanists, but have similar values.

In P.E. we have continued to learn how to play Tag Rugby.

Home learning for Maths and Literacy has now been set on Teams. There is a PowerPoint presentation for each and every week the children should be completing a slide of questions. There is also a science assignment that has been set for the children to create a classification key for the flower the Rose.

Have a lovely weekend.