Week 7

Apple and Pear Class have had a fantastic first term and settled into school life well. We have finished the term with our mini beast art week. The children were excited to make different mini-beasts and to decide which materials they needed. We used our sticking, painting, cutting and design skills to make our mini-beasts. We can’t wait to display these next term!

In Maths, we have recapped the numbers we have covered and looked at where we will be taking our learning next term.

Apples and Pears have been amazing, learning lots of new sounds this term in phonics. We have been assessing the children in our last week of term, so we are ready for our groups in Term 2.

Next term, Apple class will be lucky enough to have the PASS PE coach. We are looking forward to learning some new moves as we cover our dance curriculum next term. Pear Class will benefit from the coach in Term 3.

Thank you all of your support this term with your child’s learning and taking the time to speak to us for parents evening. Please remember if you have any questions or concerns, please come and speak to the EYFS team. We are always happy to help!

We hope you have a fabulous half term! We will see you on the 1st November for some more amazing learning!

The EYFS Team.